eK(m) is the preferred reseller of the Thales eSecurity range of cryptographic hardware and software solutions within the New Zealand marketplace. Products include the industry leading payment and general purpose Host Security Modules (HSM), Link Encryptors.

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Salt Group
eK(m) is the reseller of the Salt Group range of Mobile identification and authorisation, remote access and identity management software solutions within the New Zealand marketplace. Enchidna is an industry leading two factor authentication (2FA) solution
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PIN/KEY Manager
Essentially a Pin or Cryptographic Key Generation and Mailer programme. This solution utilises two part mailer stationary (or special Laser stationary) for the printing of mailers to ensure that the clear PINs or keys are never seen by other than the intended recipient.

All mailer printing processes are in compliance with card industry standards, the solution has support for:

  • Natural Pin
  • Random Pin
  • IBM3624 (offset method)
  • Visa PVV
  • DES keys
  • 3 DES Keys
  • RSA Key Pairs
General Consultancy and Cryptographic Software Development
EKM works with clients to identify their needs and to develop optimised solutions for them.